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Published June 14, 2021 by with 2 comments

The Mind As Energy

If an individual wants to achieve the highest possible goal that lies within one’s ability, then one must harvest the energy of the mind. How fascinating is it that computers can store a large volume of information such as thousands of photos, videos, songs and perform varieties of task at a given time. This is nothing compared to the human mind. How many memories of events, people, past, future plans, ideas do we hold at a given time and still perform activities such as eating, watching tv, and analyzing all at the same time.

Our brain has been doing computation since the time we came into existence. One simple example to discuss; when crossing the road; we look to the left, to right, estimate the distance between ourselves and the moving car, estimate its velocity and calculate the time it will take to reach our point. All in a fraction of a second, and zoom, we cross the road without getting hit. Also, the brain never stops growing, in fact, learning new skills become easier as we stimulate the brain to allow more experience, it’s called neuroplasticity. It’s like learning to drive, scared in the beginning but gets better if we drive consistently. Similar interesting area to explore about brain is to explore the philosophical part of the mind.

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