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Published June 04, 2021 by with 4 comments

My Forgotten Blog

Almost a decade since I last posted on my blog. Recently, a young blogger friend of mine, in a casual conversation happen to discuss about his variety of online works. He shared about how he was also able to earn few amounts, to support through his education years. After the conversation I came to check on my long forgotten blog. While scrolling through the pages, all the memories of those blogging days came back. It was also emotional that I have forgotten the blog, but nothing on the blog has changed, it stayed exactly as how I left it some 10 years ago. Friends who followed the blog were still here. I felt terrible that I let my passion for writing suffer a slow death. 

During the initial years when I stopped posting on the blog, the writing was on, but my articles were sometimes too personal and sometimes too sensitive to post ( or so I thought). Since I wasn't posting my articles on the blog, slowly it seem unnecessary to even write down. After that, many articles have been written in my mind and disappeared into thin air, without ever coming out in black and white. As more years passed by, even writing in my mind stopped. 
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