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The Mind As Energy

If an individual wants to achieve the highest possible goal that lies within one’s ability, then one must harvest the energy of the mind. How fascinating is it that computers can store a large volume of information such as thousands of photos, videos, songs and perform varieties of task at a given time. This is nothing compared to the human mind. How many memories of events, people, past, future plans, ideas do we hold at a given time and still perform activities such as eating, watching tv, and analyzing all at the same time.

Our brain has been doing computation since the time we came into existence. One simple example to discuss; when crossing the road; we look to the left, to right, estimate the distance between ourselves and the moving car, estimate its velocity and calculate the time it will take to reach our point. All in a fraction of a second, and zoom, we cross the road without getting hit. Also, the brain never stops growing, in fact, learning new skills become easier as we stimulate the brain to allow more experience, it’s called neuroplasticity. It’s like learning to drive, scared in the beginning but gets better if we drive consistently. Similar interesting area to explore about brain is to explore the philosophical part of the mind.

what is a mind after all? There is no particular physical presence that one can touch to say, here this is the mind.  It is that portion of the living body that allows one to think, feel, be aware of everything that’s happening around, and in imagination. It is the combination of our conscious and sub-conscious being, the continuous process of thoughts.

In junior high school we learnt that, the ability to do work is called energy. How do we describe energy? Or more precisely, how do we distinguish different types of energy? First, let us take an example of varieties of energy that we make use of everyday; light, sound, heat, etc. Look at each of these examples, their functions are absolutely distinct. However, the nature of their physical presence, or the process through which they transmit through the space/medium are all same. This nature of energy or the process through which they propagate is simply described as the ‘wave’.

In physics, light wave is synonyms to light energy and heat waves to heat energy. If they are all waves, how come, they are all so different with their functions and appearance. These differences in them are caused by the frequency and wavelength of the waves. Frequency of particles vibrating at 20 Hz to 20, 000 Hz is heard as sound to our ears. Electromagnetic waves vibrating at 4 × 1014 Hz - 8 × 1014 Hz is perceived as light to our eyes. We can think of our thoughts as some sort of energy whose frequency must so high that we can catch, see, feel or hear. But we do at times feel each other’s thoughts, and understand each other without speaking a word. This could mean that thoughts can be released and picked up. Have we not, at least one time said , I can feel you my friend?

The more you release these kinds of thoughts, the more you will attract similar thoughts from the space around you. That explains how, in most cases, girls who were raised in a family where the mother experienced domestic violence and harassment often grows up to marry and get into similar situation. The mind becomes receptive to the kind of thought waves it was fed. Thus, when that person meets a man who releases a similar energy nearby, the waves just resonate and boom, there is a connection, the love.

Daily activity patterns of many successful men were studied and noted in the famous book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Many great man, varieties of success model, but all of them had only one secret that led to their unparallel achievements; the power of their mind, more precisely they found a way to harvest the potential of their subconscious mind. The real power is in the subconscious part of brain.

The idea here is, for example; you want to become a motivational speaker. The trick here is to feel that you are already one great motivation speaker. Imagine yourself in front of thousands of audiences in a big theater, speaking topics you always wanted to speak, bringing changes in the lives of your audience. If the intensity of the energy/thoughts you release constantly are strong enough, you sure will become one great motivational speaker. As your conscious mind release these thoughts on a constant basis, the subconscious absorbs it and believes that you are a motivational speaker. Your conscious being knows that you are not, however, the subconscious mind will keep reminding that you are that famous motivational speaker.  

The subconscious mind doesn’t care about the process, it only represents the final product (in this example; an image of you speaking in front of thousands of audience).  The conscious mind for a second accepts that image. However, being logical, the conscious mind just cannot accept the final image. The conscious mind then starts working down the methods (steps), making connections that led to the final image. The mind will imagine you writing the down the speech, doing research on the topics, finding sponsors and so on. As you force your mind into creating these steps, the waves released (waves=energy=thoughts) will pick up (resonate) similar waves, or any waves that is similar in nature. Somehow you will find a way, come up with an idea (actually the subconscious mind picked it up from the pool of waves/ideas that passed by you).

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of somewhere or something in the dreams, with no explanation of how it happened? While that’s how our subconscious mind works, presents only the final outcome. Our conscious mind will always work its way back to the starting point, whenever the subconscious presents a final outcome.

Did it ever happen to you that you set up an alarm say at 6 am in the morning for an extremely important meeting? The thoughts of having to wake up at 6am is so strong that the subconscious absorbs it. The subconscious mind will wake the conscious mind few seconds before the alarm actually rings (in the form of a dream such as you being in a school and the bell ringing). The subconscious doesn’t care about how, it just cares that you wake up.  

Sometimes it so happens that you walk into a room full of intellectuals discussing certain intellectual topics, and you feel so intelligent yourself. You starts speaking like an expert. You  walk into a pub with blasting music and people dancing, your dancing mood gets on, making your body move to the beats of music. The energy waves are so intense that its picked up your mind.

The average mind fails to reach its highest potential because it fails to harvest the potential of its subconscious mind. This in turn is due to the fact that the conscious mind is not daring enough to think of ourselves as the person we want to be. Try your mind, be daring enough to see yourself to already be the person you want to be after five years. The world around you will somehow alter to make you reach your goal.

That is why it is said, prayers asked with pure heart will always be answered. We become what we think. The more negative thoughts we release, the more connection we will make with a similar mind. The more positive thoughts, the better connection we make with good people. This can be seen in the choices of life partner we find.

Not convinced, convinced, confused, agree or disagree? If answered one among this, I strongly recommend you to read; Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill



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