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Nothing unusual; my day

Thursday the 25th Feb 2010
Who could be calling me at this early hour in the morning? Disgusted and with eyes still closed I reach out for the phone. Unfortunately it is the alarm ring. Damn it! Its college time and I have class at nine o’clock. Wish I could sleep at least one more hour but no, this time I want to be good to myself and so a sincere student.

Well, now my first class is over. Heading for my next class, five minutes early? Ok, it isn’t so bad. Surprising! No one is in the hall. Why didn’t anyone get earlier than me? May be others are as lazy as me. No one is better than the other anyways. 10 minutes passed and still no one. Something must be wrong; got to check the timetable again. I run to the computer lap only to see my fellow mates doing their practical. Whoa! Its practical session I thought it’s a lecture. Thank god I did my prac the previous day.  That’s it for the day then. 

Should I go home? Hmm the cafeteria, love the free coffee in there. It isn’t a very good one but where in Australia do we get free food anyways. So considering that, why would I not go? Walking towards the cafeteria, I feel a little lost. Many thoughts running inside my head. Sigh! Got more work this semester and the units seem to be looking harder. Wanted to do better this time but am I getting any better? And more over none of my mates are doing the units which I’m doing, this make all the more tough.  Sometimes I wish if I were still doing those electromagnetic properties. Understanding quantum efficiency seemed easier than the idea of methane having C2 axis perpendicular to C4 axis.  

There they are, my Bhutanese group, they are already here. This is good; we are going to have some fun chat. Oh a sms! Caving on Sunday? Well this sounds fun but wait; I remember the movie ‘the descent’ haha may be not a good idea. Nothing like in the movie is going to happen. I’m just being stupid. But still should I go? Cuz I’m not so well these days. Just hope my father is not so ill. I try not to think but I keep remembering. He sounded ok over the phone yesterday, so hoping the best. Hope things get better soon. Living does require a lot of strength, hope and courage at times.

Yeah of course our lecturers, some of them are quite funny. This is the theme for our chat today. 

Want to go home now, bit hungry also. Wow! It’s a beautiful evening, no sun and the sky looks just so amazing, may be a down pour soon. I don’t mind walking home, it feels so refreshing. Opps! A sms again :) it’s him. At the end of the day I do always have a reason to smile.

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