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Night and the rain!

I knew something was unusual. It was already pass midnight when me and kezang left our friends' home. They were all drunk but trust me we didnt, not a sip. They insisted on dropping us but our denial :p Half way on the way it rained. She suggested we sit under that big tree until the rain subsided but I told we keep walking cuz the street sounded so damn silent. Few steps and more rain drops started hitting us.

Woaa what a walk that was.. those gentle blows of the cool breeze over my face was just too refreshing. Afterall, i have always loved rain or better this way, i always enjoy taking walks in the rain. Just the satisfaction i get, i just love it. getting my hair wet and water dripping down my eyebrows and the cold..hehe it is just so fulfilling.

Anyway, 1:30 am and here, we are back to our room, safe and sound! That was a wonderful walk with my sweety aum kez. Thanks kez, for all those romantic talks. Ohh i got to make one thing clear, we are both straight, by the way. those ronamtic verses just made me wish someone was near, you know lolz
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  1. it reminds me of the melodramatic actress from a bollywood flick :P