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To those friends..night of 19th Jan 2010

Dedicated to Kezang, Ngajay, Kencho and Kinzang
You have such wonderful friends and of course mine like always the best. Those singing sessions were awesome. Learn to live each moment, we proved it, tomorrow is never certain. It is not the place or the time that counts but the company and moments we make out if it that makes all the difference.

Considering the saying, it is not the voice or tune that should matter but the lyrics which tells it all, those songs were awesome. Jokes apart, you guys were great. Thank you all for the wonderful time, those songs. It was embarrassing I didn't sing. Knowing the fact that I once sang 'My heart will go on' for a friend of one of my Arabian friend. No web cam. That was easy and moreover hadn't had the idea who the hell was at the other end. The compliment I got, I was flattered. Anyway no big deal, ' believe none that you hear'. But I am sure you all figured it out why I didn't sing yesterday night.

Life is seen in the moments we live and not to the age we conquered. This sounds a old phrase but many times we forget to live, living in the past when we can do so much better in the future. Celebration shouldn't be limited to only occasions when we know, just being alive in itself is a fortune.

Thanks to the technology, oceans apart yet our loved ones are accommodated near. Nothing special but I am glad we made it a memorable one, at least to me.

I saw the sun rising already when eventually I decided to sleep. It was 7 am and I was still wake in the bed. Realized I was hungry. Finally had to take some food to get myself into sleep. Call me crazy, maybe I am, or better a vampire. This change in the biological cycle is going to put me in real trouble once my semester resume. Well, that is not what am worried about right now, I am glad yesterday night was a night to remember.

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