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Awake after midnight!

When asked, what do we really speak? Many times we just want to bring out the words which are already expected to hear by the other. Fail to bring out the truth just in case you might hurt the other person. Even when you know, what he is convinced a right in his way is an absolute wrong notion. Forget about speaking, even in writing, people produce in a way from a reader's perspective. 'We' being referred here doesn't mean I am one among 'us' nor doesn't either mean anyone who comes across this article has to feel offended. 

Well, as I know I just want to put my thoughts down, I am afraid I might not make any sense. Then again, why would I care because if I am interested in anything, then, it is just in writing down what thoughts been crossing my mind. Our mind has no limit, its dreams have no end and dreamlands even more beautiful than the paradise, supposing something called a paradise did really exist. I bet the supposed paradise won't be any more fantastic then any of our dreamland.

Our thoughts are as strange as the life itself. Some morning you wake up to realize, you are not the same person you were some few years back and you know you don't want to reason because there isn't any. It has just been the way it led to this moment and why suddenly with this thought? It is again a question you feel needs no answer. 

But I sure know I have learned a few lessons and made many mistakes, not to forget witnessing mistakes made. Over the years I have come to know, many times we fail to understand or get along with few people, even some close ones, just because we see them through our approach and unable to respect their principle. We disapprove and confront their principle as much as we try to convince ours in the society. 

..and since these late night thoughts are limitless, I have a better thing to do. So, I am off to bed!
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