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Let’s Talk Money – The Happy Nation

Bhutan is ranked as the most peaceful country in South Asia for the 2021. Sure, we are happy and proud. On the other hand, how can we be at peace when Our Majesty is in constant worry fighting Covid-19 at the front line? How can we brand ourselves the happiest nation when we know for a fact that we are far from being self-sufficient? Do we want to continue being the back drop for the people from rich nations to come and take breaks from their normal busy life? Or do we want to strive harder to reach their achievements, of course while keeping our culture and traditions intact?   Recently I have been involved in writing content for a certain paper related to Covid-19 and its impact on Bhutan. I know for a fact that the number of individuals living off Druk Gyalpo’s Relief Kidu is huge. Recently, with the floating of shares (held in the name of Sungchob Fund and Kidu Fund) for sale, the extend of the pressure caused to the Relief Fund can only be imagined. If this cannot make us worry, t
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The Mind As Energy

If an individual wants to achieve the highest possible goal that lies within one’s ability, then one must harvest the energy of the mind. How fascinating is it that computers can store a large volume of information such as thousands of photos, videos, songs and perform varieties of task at a given time. This is nothing compared to the human mind. How many memories of events, people, past, future plans, ideas do we hold at a given time and still perform activities such as eating, watching tv, and analyzing all at the same time. Our brain has been doing computation since the time we came into existence. One simple example to discuss; when crossing the road; we look to the left, to right, estimate the distance between ourselves and the moving car, estimate its velocity and calculate the time it will take to reach our point. All in a fraction of a second, and zoom, we cross the road without getting hit. Also, the brain never stops growing, in fact, learning new skills become easier as

My Forgotten Blog

Almost a decade since I last posted on my blog. Recently, a young blogger friend of mine, in a casual conversation happen to discuss about his variety of online works. He shared about how he was also able to earn few amounts, to support through his education years. After the conversation I came to check on my long forgotten blog. While scrolling through the pages, all the memories of those blogging days came back. It was also emotional that I have forgotten the blog, but nothing on the blog has changed, it stayed exactly as how I left it some 10 years ago. Friends who followed the blog were still here. I felt terrible that I let my passion for writing suffer a slow death.  During the initial years when I stopped posting on the blog, the writing was on, but my articles were sometimes too personal and sometimes too sensitive to post ( or so I thought). Since I wasn't posting my articles on the blog, slowly it seem unnecessary to even write down. After that, many articles have been wr

Being a citizen

:) my this essay won the best entry for "Beyond the Ballot" Challenge (  bagging  me 10,000 Ngultrun  cash prize plus a certificate), Celebrating International day for Democracy 15 sept.  Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy hosted the  competition together with   UNDP, and UNDEF on the theme "Citizen". what does it mean to be a citizen? Being a citizen The meaning of being a citizen extends beyond just possessing the Citizenship Identity Card. Love and respect for the nation. It is about respecting the principles and laws of the government, abiding by the laws, which you as a citizen approved prior to bringing into effect. Being a citizen should mean raising your voice at the flaws of decision made by the law making body. It means not keeping quite when the government goes wrong. It doesn’t even mean you keep complaining. What it takes to being a citizen is your willingness to give opinions and point out the flaws, if any, and together working towards a better

Talking to the bear :)

Knowing 'Love' + missing you  Love is a crazy thing; it makes you want to cry, frustrated and messed up. It leaves you in total confusion and illusion. Because one is giving too much, so are the expectation and when these hopes go wrong, there is only hurting and pain at both ends. Sometimes you will wish if you didn’t love that person, because if you didn’t, walking away and never looking back would be an easy choice. But since you care, you will always want to compromise. You will notice how sometimes he tries not showing his anger just because he didn’t want to hurt you, even when it’s reached beyond tolerance. Love sees no ego. You will see yourself saying, ‘I am sorry, it’s all my fault’ while you still might be trying to figure out what went wrong. Well off course, these little misunderstanding counts to nothing when compared to the happiness you get by being in love. Life is more beautiful knowing that there will always be him by your side not matter what. It is

Not just the roses alone

Going got so disheartening and hopelessly tough that now I’m saying, ‘ok life take your share, you have been kind to me till now’. Life has given me more than I even asked for, wondering if I ever appreciated.  How could I have had any complain those days? If ever I had

..dies but not by itself

At a point in my life, I tried to fit in with the people around. That didn’t just include: showing up at some festive gathering even at times when i didn’t wanted to because there is something the society calls it cooperation, wearing outfits which were supposedly in fashion, giving opinions which sometimes might not have been what you wanted to say but knew what the other person expected to hear. These ones are actually the simpler versions of what some of us do to fit in with the environment.